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Why I Stay at Walt Disney World Resorts

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

When you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, there are no shortage of hotel options, especially offsite. There's all kinds of hotels, every chain and you you can imagine, and many of them are cheaper than staying on property at Disney.

So why do I choose to stay onsite when I visit Walt Disney Word, especially as a solo traveler?

1) Quick and easy access to the parks

You can't have any quicker access to the Disney parks than staying onsite, whether that's using Disney transportation or your own car. In particular, I love staying at Bay Lake Tower and being able to walk to Magic Kingdom, or at Beach Club so I can stroll over the Epcot. For me, having that close access is worth the extra money.

2) You're in the Disney bubble

This might not be a perk for everyone but as a Disney fan, there's nothing better than being in the Disney bubble, even at your hotel. There's something pretty fun about being immersed in the experience not just at the parks, but also where you're staying.

3) Clean rooms

I admit, I'm a clean freak; one of my favorite things to do at my own house is use my steam mop. (I can hear your eye rolls and I understand, I'm weird like that!) So I have pretty high standards when it comes to hotel rooms and I've (knock on wood) never had a negative experience in a Disney room. There have been a few times where something wasn't clean, and after a quick phone call to the front desk it was taken care of. Their customer service is great and I trust them to make it better if something isn't up to par.

4) Great restaurants and lounges

I like to go out to eat and sit in a fun and vibey lounge on my solo vacations, and having access to those great restaurants while I'm on property is a huge plus. I don't have to make a big production of going somewhere for dinner, or picking a fun place to have a drink. There's so many fun places to choose from and depending on where you stay, can be within walking distance.

5) Safety as a solo traveler

I'm not at all nervous to solo travel, but I do make sure to keep my safety in mind, and I love that I've always felt secure at the Disney resorts. Staying on property also lets me do things like walk from Epcot back to the Boardwalk if I want to stay late, or take the bus from Magic Kingdom back to Coronado Springs.

Do you like to stay onsite, or are there non-Disney hotels in the Orlando area that you really love?


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