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Solo Travel - Separating Fact from Fiction

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

When you think of solo travel, what first comes to your mind? Do you feel excited, or get a pit in your stomach? Is it something you've always wanted to try, but are anxious to book that plane ticket and pack your bags? There's lots of myths surrounding solo travel; here are just a few.

Myth #1 - Solo travel is only for single people.

While it's true that a good percentage of solo travelers are single, it's certainly not always the case! The best thing about solo travel is you can do what you want, on your own schedule and according to what you love the most. You might want to visit museums in Washington DC, for instance, and your partner isn't interested or can't go along due to other obligations. You may have a more flexible work schedule than your family or friends, or have an interest in traveling during a part of the year that isn't convenient for others. Whatever the reason, solo travel allows you to see, do and experience what YOU want, on your timeline, and it's one of the reasons it's skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years.

Myth #2 - Solo travel really isn't a "thing" - most people travel with family or friends.

This might shock you - it surprised me! - but a 2021 Google Trend study showed that solo travel has grown by over 761%! Yes, you read that correctly!

According to, 23% of travelers in 2021 were inquiring about and planning solo trips, and that percentage nearly doubled in about 2 years.

Myth #3 - Solo travel is dangerous.

It's of course always important to keep your personal safety in mind anywhere you go (travel or otherwise), but solo travel is no more inherently dangerous than traveling with a partner or a group. There are certainly considerations to keep in mind, but solo travel isn't any more dangerous than traveling with partners or groups.

Myth #4 - Solo travel is expensive.

Sure, you might have expenses like hotel rooms or rental cars that you're not splitting, but there are lots of options at all price points when it comes to solo travel. And since you're traveling on your own timeline, you can often travel at less expensive times of the year, and take advantage last-minute travel deals on cruise lines and at resorts.

Myth #5 - If I travel solo, I'll be lonely.

Yes, it's great that when you travel with others you have built-in companions, but traveling solo doesn't have to be lonely! It's also really empowering to know you can enjoy yourself and have a great time being on your own. I've had solo trips where I had great conversations with other travelers, or bartenders or servers. I was able to get the social interaction I wanted, while still enjoying my solo trip.

Don't let the myths detract you from planning your first solo trip! The world is your oyster and there are truly wonderful and empowering experiences to be had when you decide to book that first trip. But don't say I didn't warn you - you'll be hooked!



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