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Why you Absolutely should go to the movies Solo

Deciding to travel solo can be a daunting experience, if you've never done it. So how can you start to dip your toe into the water and begin a comfort level with be a solo traveler?

Start in your own backyard!

I always recommend two ways to help build your comfort level if you're thinking about solo traveling - go to the movies solo, and go out to eat solo. Be on the lookout for a blog about dining out, but today let's chat about why going to the movie theatre solo is perfect, and you absolutely should do it.

1) By nature, movies are a quiet and solitary activity.

The whole point is to sit there, in the (nearly always frigid) air conditioning, with your popcorn and Red Vines, and just enjoy. It's dark, quiet and you're not supposed to be talking during a movie anyway!

2) There's no awkward "should I make conversation" moments.

Even if the theatre is busy and it's opening weekend, you might give a nod or smile hi to the person next to you, but there's zero pressure to make any sort of conversation or be social.

. Popcorn, because...OF COURSE.

3) You're free to see the movie YOU want to see, when you want to see it!

My personal favorite time to go to a movie is 10-11AM. It's very quiet, usually not a lot of people there and I have the pick of any spot I want in the theatre.

I can also go see whatever strikes my fancy. The newest action flick? The next big Pixar/Disney movie? That period piece / drama that's sure to make me cry? You can see whatever you want to see, with no input from anyone else.

4) It builds your comfort level with going around in public as a solo traveler.

To build your confidence as a solo traveler, start doing things at home and in your town that you might normally do with a group. By going to the movies solo, you're starting to build that confidence and work through any anxieties you might have, in a low-stress environment.

5. You can RELAX.

Let's face it - in our daily lives, we have a LOT going on between career, family, friends, etc. It can get crazy, but at the movie theatre your only directive is to relax, enjoy that buttery popcorn and unplug for a few hours. If you're someone who has a particularly stressful day-to-day, going to the movies solo can be such a wonderful moment of self-care.

I would also highly recommend that you check and see if your theatre offers a movie pass. I have one through Regal, and for about $22/month, I can see as many movies as I want. With Regal you do have a three month minimum purchase required, but it's perfect to get around summer because lots of the most anticipated movies will be released during this time.

So, let me know in the comments below; have you gone to the movie theatre on your own, or would you love to?

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